George Bangs' Studio

I’m George Bangs—an artist, designer, and creative director living in Denver Colorado.

I make things that become meaningful parts of other people’s lives.


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Irreverent Teas

Art Direction • Illustration • UI Design • Front-end Development

I designed & built the Irreverent Teas website on Cargo with Creative Direction from founders Darcie Shively & John Kieselhorst. The brand is built on parodying hyperbolic wellness industry claims and the site reflects that non-conformist spirit. During the build I also contributed site illustrations & art direction. Experience irreverence.

She’s Underrated

Creative Direction • Branding • Logomark • Motion • UI Design • Front-end Development 

This poject started with a logo pitch that grew into a wordmark, then a full site & brand identity, and now it’s an ongoing partnership where I work with founder Serena Morris to produce art, animations, and music with a small team of collaborators. She’s Underrated is all about putting overlooked diverse femme icons from fashion & pop culture into the spotlight. Enjoy the site!

Fruits of Our Labor

Creative Direction • Branding • Logomark • Illustration • UI Design • Front-end Development

I designed the branding for Fruits of Our Labor with Creative Direction from founder Jes Voight. Leaning deep into color and approachable illustration communicated their goal of introducing creativity to everybody. Their site is built on Squarespace with a customized front end UI by moi. Check them out.


Art Direction • Branding • Social & Marketing

I worked in-house with the PopSockets team, producing email, social, video, and onsite assets. During my time there I directed animated shorts, photoshoots, and designed a TON of emails. Plus worked with great direction from Art Creative and Design Directors John Kieselhorst, Justin Fuller, Sonya Ghori, Jes Voight, and Brett Shea.

Tomas Sen: Listen!

Creative Direction • Illustration • Packaging • Apparel

Listen! is a project from Denver artist Tomas Sen, inspired by classical & avante garde composers just as much as 20th century pop music. I designed the album artwork, apparel, and a bespoke Bandcamp theme were by cutting together a collage of historical figures, artworks, friends, and drawings. Listen here.

Courage Club

Creative Direction • Branding • Logomark

This Denver based group, led by Galen Bernard, teaches attendees methods for removing self-imposed limiting beliefs on the path to success, and persevering when the journey gets tough. The monoline logomark represents an inner/outer confidence, and the stability brought on by surrounding ourselves with a community of motivated people.

Good Love CBD+CBG

Creative Direction • Branding • Packaging

Good Love CBD is a Colorado based manufacturer of the most rigorously refined CBD available—at over 99% purity. Creative direction was inspired by the clarity of their straighforward scientific approach and the calming softness of alleviating anxiety and physical discomfort.


Creative Direction • Packaging • Social

Terriffico.Biz is my shop, where I sell artwork & products direct from my studio. It’s been a great outlet for exploring packaging, copywriting, and production. Plus, the shop has helped me engage with people who enjoy my work but don’t necessarily need design & art direction services. My products are now stocked at the MCA Denver, and FM Boutique, with more locations in the works. But you can buy direct at

Denver Tourism Tapes

Creative Direction • Motion • Illustration

Denver Tourism Tapes is a three part fictional tourism guide by CRUD (formerly Phantasmagoria). The series was cut into one feature length film and I had the honor of directing the end credits sequence. I animated, illustrated and typeset my little heart out. You can find the full film on NoBudge or just watch the credits here.

Looking to make something special? Shoot me the details & let’s talk about it.