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George Bangs Studio LLC.

My studio is founded on the core belief that the best creative work begins with a deep look inward. The art, ideas, and brands that end up feeling timeless are the ones no amount of data-driven design or market research could predict, because at the center of the ven diagram of all your interests, passions, and knowledge is a space and voice that only you can use. When you start by centering that one-of-a-kind place, great design follows.

My specialty is working with founders and individuals to elucidate their unique point of view, and develop brand identities that broadcast it clearly. This starts with considering where your audience will likely find and interact with you first/most—the world wide web. I approach branding with a web-first mindset, focused on assets and systems designed to achieve your current goals, and scale with you as you grow.

If you’re looking for creative work on a more personal scale, I do that too! Wether it’s a portfolio site, business cards, wedding stationery, or more—if it’s special to you I’d love to help make it stand out.

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I like to keep things category agnostic, but definitely have a sweet spot for bold individuals, startups, and early-stage brands. 

Past and present clients include Irreverent Teas, She’s Underrated, PopSockets, BrüMate, Melissa, Ipanema, Good Love CBD, Dateline Gallery, Zeppelin Station, Farm to Spaceship, and more.

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